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Versace Glass Beads


Versace Fall/Winter Collection 1999


One day one of the Versace designers rang up and said 'I know it's not what you normally do, but would you be interested in doing something for the Versace collection?' I was pretty stunned and responded with of course I would be interested. The designer arrived at 10.30 one morning, it was while Absolutely Fabulous was on the TV, so I thought I better get in a bottle of Chablis in just in case. She turned out to be very down-to-earth and didn't even want a cup of tea. She wanted gold samples of glass, which I gilded, they were a bit dull so I used a silver oxide to stain them in a mottled fashion. When they came out of the kiln I gilded them, they looked beautiful and very French tortoiseshell-esq. I knew at that moment they would order a lot. They were sent to Milan on arriving they called me up immediately and said they wanted 2000 pieces in two weeks time.