Reyntiens stained glass studio in London

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Keith New Panels


Commonwealth Institute

Restoration, 2013


There were 9 panels in steel frames each one was 4.5m long. They were in different forms of decay, and were on quarter inch float glass bonded with 2-part epoxy resin. In some areas the float glass was smashed badly. We decided to UV glue the float glass as best we could, then put a laminated sheet of 4 mm pre acid etched float glass to the back so that we could stabilise each section. We then set about cleaning each section of the glass which looked like it hadn’t been cleaned properly when it was originally made, and where glass was coming away we reattached it. Finally we re-grouted the entire thing to give a lovely uniformity over all the panels. They were installed into the Commonwealth Institute building and they are going back there as part of the huge building refurbishment which is where the new Design Museum is going to be based.