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Patrick Reyntiens Panels

Dr Patrick Reyntiens OBE was born in 1925 into a very different world. Best known for his collaboration with John Piper, with whom he worked for over 35 years, he is an extraordinary artist whose contribution to stained glass, as an innovator, practitioner and teacher has changed the world of stained glass as it is today.

This selection of panels gives an insight into the rich world of Patrick's imagination, populated with an unlikely combination of landscapes, especially those of rural Somerset, where he lives, mythological and fantastical bodies, people seen on his travels; the rich imaginings of a life well lived and a mind well read. Patrick is always drawing, usually in sketchbooks, and these panels have the vitality of images unconstrained by the demands of a patron or a specific commission.

All panels are sighed by Patrick Reyntiens.

You Messed Ma Bet!

Patrick Reyntiens 2010

26.5 x 17.8cm

First Edition Glass Panel 144/200

£395 + pp

Mother Julian

Patrick Reyntiens 2010

26 x 17.8cm

First Edition Glass Panel 121/200

£395 + pp

Martha' Sausage Roll

Patrick Reyntiens 20010

25.4 x 22.2cm

First Edition Glass Panel 110/200

£395 + pp

Jurassic Coast

Patrick Reyntiens 2010

37.5 x 19cm

First Edition Glass Panel 145/200

£395 + pp

We'll Listen to You Out There

Patrick Reyntiens 2011

25.5 x 38.8cm

Second Edition Glass Panel 65/100

£695 + pp

Into the Cave with the Cows!

Patrick Reyntiens 2011

25.5 x 34cm

Second Edition Glass Panel 51/100

£895 + pp

The View Far Far Away

Patrick Reyntiens 2011

30.6 x 36.8cm


£1,095 + pp