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John Reyntiens Meteorite Pieces

Meteorites, ‘small pieces of matter from celestial space’ inspired these elemental pieces whose textured surfaces retain the memory of glass in its molten state.

Having made 2000 Glass beads for the Versace 1999 Haute Couture collection, I got excited about melting glass in the kiln to create texture, turning it golden and then silvering or gilding it with precious metals to make it self reflecting. From this my on-going meteorite series was born.

Meteorite Wall Piece

John Reyntiens, 2005

29.5 x 75.2cm

£995 + pp

For purchase of this piece please contact John Reyntiens

Miniature Meteorite Wall Hanging Artworks


Each one is hand crafted and unique. They are kiln-formed and hand gilded with either 24 carrot gold leaf or white gold precious metals. Each one is fitted with a hook fixing on the back and is presented in a beautiful box.


John Reyntiens

5 x 22.2cm

AP Editions of 25

£49.95 each + pp

Gold or White Gold Leaf